Photos of your work must accompany your application.   Photos may be uploaded when you submit your application or you may provide a link to an online album where we can see your photos.

If you wish to provide a link to your photos with your application but do not have an online account where you have photos available, we suggest you sign up for a free photo album account from places such as the following:

Or any other service you choose.

Facebook albums are acceptable but you must ensure they are PUBLIC so we can see the photos.

Please make sure the link you provide is a WORKING LINK. If you do not provide a working link we can not see your photos and will have to reject your application.

Provide a complete link to your photos. Do not tell us to search for your username. It is your responsibility to provide the correct link. If you do not know how to copy and paste a link, visit this page to learn how.

If you can not provide us with photos we will be unable to jury/curate your application as we can not see what it is that you make a wish to sell.

Visit this link for help uploading images. (opens a new window/tab)