The Magnolia State of Mind magazine is produced by the Mississippi Craft Show as a companion to the August MS Craft Show. Designed to showcase our talented exhibitors it is jam-packed with stories and photos. It also serves as a directory for shoppers and is a much sought-after publication. Our premier edition was overwhelmingly successful with people pre-ordering copies from all over the state and states as far away as Illinois. We simply could not distribute copies fast enough to meet the demand. Magnolia State of Mind has been produced many  times since our first year and is a high-quality printed magazine, and an accompanying electronic copy is also viewable online. You may view previous editions here.

Exhibitors who apply, and pay their booth fees by the due date, and who can supply any requested information by the magazine deadline will be included in the magazine for free, if we are creating a magazine for that show. This marketing alone is worth more than the cost of your booth fee.

NOTE: We do not guarantee a printed magazine will be produced for every show as the ability to produce a magazine on time is determined by being able to obtain the necessary information from exhibitors in a timely manner to meet printing deadlines.