Photos of your work must accompany your application.   Photos may be uploaded when you submit your application or you may provide a link to an online album where we can see your photos.

If you are having problems uploading your photos, it is likely your images are too large. If you do not have your own program to resize images, you can use this easy and free online service to resize your images before uploading them with your application.

Visit this site:

Upload your image (1 at a time) by selecting the image. Select the “dimensions” option. The width x height boxes will then display on the page. You then want to type a new size into the box corresponding to the longest side of your photo. See guide below.

  • If your photo is portrait oriented (taller than it is wide) you will type in the height box.
  • If your photo is landscape oriented (wider than it is tall) you will type in the width box.

In the appropriate box type 800 (this is a good size to use for resizing your images to upload)

Then click on “resize”

Once the site refreshes it will give you a link to download your resized image.

Save your resized images to your computer and upload them into your application form.

Visit this link for help linking to an album.  (opens a new window/tab)