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Date & Location

The Mississippi Craft Show presents the state’s favorite all handmade art and craft show.  Join us at the Clyde Muse Center in Pearl for this fun indoor event.

The 11th Annual Mississippi Craft Show will take place at the Clyde Muse Center, Pearl Mississippi:

  • FRIDAY August 19, 2022:  11am – 6:00 pm. &
  • SATURDAY August 20, 2022:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • Exhibitor Set Up: Thursday 19th (Afternoon/Evening ) and Friday 20th (Morning). (Details will be provided).

Still 100% Handmade – Now Welcoming Neighbors

Due to overwhelming success, this year the Mississippi Craft Show will once combine the August show with the Handmade USA show and welcome artists from anywhere in the U.S.A. This will ensure we continue to offer growth, change and the variety our shoppers want. Preference will first be given to Mississippi Resident Artists. What this means is we will accept applications from only Mississippi Residents initially after applications open. This gives Mississippi artists the best chance to secure a space in the most competitive categories. After giving Mississippi residents the chance to apply we will then accept applications from U.S. handcraft artists from any state.

Supporting local handcrafted business remains a strong focus of the Mississippi Craft Show. While a small percentage of crafters will be accepted from out of state to fill categories not previously filled by Mississippi resident artists, we will however maintain a ratio of at least 90% of crafters from within Mississippi and a maximum of 10% from out of state.


*Any artist can join the wait list at any time.


Wait List: If you would like to be contacted in the event a space becomes available  you may Join Wait List Here.

General Info

The Mississippi Craft Show’s premier ALL handmade retail show is open to the public, not a wholesale show. This is NOT a flea market, please do not expect flea market standards. This is a juried/curated quality indoor event that brings serious shoppers together with quality exhibitors. We strive to maintain a friendly and fun atmosphere for exhibitors and shoppers alike, but we do require a level of professionalism and maintain quality standards for the benefit of all.

Booth & Layout Set Up

The Mississippi Craft Show will be located at the Clyde Muse Center at Hinds Community College Rankin Campus just off Interstate 20 in Pearl.   The Center is a new, beautiful and spacious event facility with ample parking in a convenient location.

We will be using professional pipe and drape to define our exhibitor space.  Please see the ‘About the Venue’ tab for more details.  Contact us if you have questions.

What are the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations?

The exhibitor rules and regulations are a condition of your application to the MS Craft Show. You must read these before applying. They are available to view here (opens a new window).

Frequently Asked Questions – Other Info

There are a number of FAQ’s available that refer to a list of important topics. Please be sure to check the FAQ’s if you have questions about the show that you do not see listed here or on the Show Rules.

How To Apply

All those interested in exhibiting at the Mississippi Craft Show should submit an application to be reviewed by the show curating committee. Applications must be submitted online. This event is retail to the public, not a wholesale show.

This is a quick and simple TWO-STEP process:

1. Login to your existing account: OR Create account now.
2. Once logged in – Complete the exhibitor application.

Who May Apply?

Applications are open to artists, crafts people, authors, bakers/confectioners, etc, who produce handmade art and craft.  Mississippi residents will be given first opportunity to apply.  Then applications will be open to ALL U.S. artists and craftspeople.

Food Vendors: food may only be sold at the Craft Show if packaged for take home consumption. For example, toffee, honey, jams and jellies, cheese straws, cup cakes, etc are all acceptable.

FOOD TRUCKS / CONCESSIONS: Please contact us if you are interested in selling concessions / food for on-site consumption.

What are the criteria?

We use the word “jury” because it is commonly used in regard to a professional show. However we believe that the term ‘curate’ is more accurate. We limit the number of exhibitors per category; and our makers do not have to compete with imported and mass-produced items as we only accept handmade products. We strive to maintain a high level of quality and variety in those items offered at the show, thus ensuring we do not saturate the show with any one type of craft. We review all complete applications and then make our choice based on several factors (see below).

  • The overall cohesiveness and consistency of your work.
  • If your items are made by hand, or if some of your designs are produced/manufactured elsewhere. All work must be original and made by the artist. Work should be made by hand or with the use of appropriate tools.
  • How your items are represented in your photos/on your website. (Your photos should not be blurry or poor quality. You must provide photos of your own work for review).
  • If we feel that your work is too similar to other artists we have participating. (We limit exhibitors per category, so apply early!)
  • The number and diversity of designs or products you offer. We ask that you apply for no more than two categories per applicant. We know that many of you are extremely talented in multiple areas, but limiting your focus for this show helps us to preserve the balance among the various crafts shown and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, will help to increase your SALES!
  • Our need to diversify the crafts available at the Show. The jewelry and pottery categories, for example, are incredibly competitive. Apply early for a chance to get a space in one of the highly sought-after categories.
  • Food items may not be displayed with other unrelated items. For example, a booth selling honey may sell other non-edible items made with honey, but a booth selling honey may not also sell jewelry.
  • All merchandise in the Show must be hand-crafted. This is a retail to public show. Products must be handmade and offered in finished form. Kits, supplies and resale merchandise is not permitted.
  • MLM and other distributor type products and services are not permitted.
  • No bulk/factory manufactured items allowed. Vinyl affixed to commercial resale items are not permitted. Vinyl affixed as a decorative component to an otherwise handmade item is permitted.
  • The Mississippi Craft Show reserves the right to accept or reject applications at its discretion to balance the style and content of the event for the benefit of all who attend.


For the best chance to secure a space, applicants should apply as soon as possible after applications open and BEFORE March 15, 2022. Applications received after March 15 will be considered only if space is still available and category is not full. Very competitive categories fill quickly, so apply early. Early bird applications end March 15. Booth fees for applications received after March 15,  will increase by $40.

For inclusion in the Magnolia State of Mind magazine: For any show where we produce a printed magazine booth fees must be PAID IN FULL by April 15th. THIS IS A STRICT DEADLINE due to printing requirements. The magazine, if printed, will be distributed in the month prior to the Show. The earlier completed applications are received the more likely to be considered for featured articles in our printed magazine.

If we are not producing a printed magazine for any show, we may elect to produce an electronic magazine or publish spotlight articles on our magazine website and social media. In which case late applicants may be able to be included.

Application Fee:

A non-refundable $25 application fee and a $75 booth deposit are required with your application. The total due at time of application is $100. Applications will not be considered without the applicable fee.  If we are unable to offer you a space, your $75 booth deposit will be refunded. An application is a commitment to the Show, refunds will only be made if you are not offered a space at the Show. If you cancel after you have been accepted you forfeit your spot in the show and no refund will be made.

You will be directed to pay the fee online upon submission of your application. PayPal fees are added to PayPal transactions. Successful applicants will be sent an invoice for the remaining booth fee balance due and may pay the balance by check if paying before the specified deadline. Late applications may not be paid by check.

Booth Types and Fees:

Mississippi Craft Show – August – currently offers the following booth types:

Standard Booth 10′ (w) x 10′ (d)

Standard Booths have only one side open to walkway. The sides and back are flanked by a neighbor (or wall). They are throughout the middle of the show floor layout.

Perimeter Aisle Booth 10′ (w) x 10′ (d)

Perimeter Booths may only have one side open to walkway. The sides and back are flanked by a neighbor (OR a wall). Occasionally a perimeter booth is also a corner booth. Perimeter Aisle booths are on the perimeter of the show floor layout in the outer aisles. They are not all backed by a wall, as the row facing the wall booths are also perimeter aisle booths.

Corner Booth 10′ (w) x 10′ (d)

Corner booths have 2 sides open to the walkway. These type of booths are located within the main show floor area in the middle rows. Some spaces may also be a perimeter booth.

Booth & Half 15′ (w) x 10′ (d)

Booth and a Half booths have 2 or more sides open to the walkway. They are at least one and a half booth sized, but may actually be larger. There are only a few of these spaces available.

Multiple Booths: Extra booths may be purchased to make your space double or larger in size.

Booth Fees (Early Bird Fees Before March 15th):

  • Single: Regular Booth (10 x 10). $330.00
  • Double Regular Booth $630.00
  • Single and a Half: Corner or Corner /Perimeter Booth (10 x 15). $540.00
  • Single: Perimeter or Corner Booth (10 x 10). $360.00
  • Double Perimeter or Corner Booth $690.00

Booth Fees (After Early Bird Deadline):

  • Single: Regular Booth (10 x 10). $370.00
  • Double Regular Booth $720.00
  • Single and a Half: Corner or Corner/Perimeter Booth (10 x 15). $600.00
  • Single: Perimeter or Corner Booth (10 x 10). $400.00
  • Double Perimeter or Corner Booth $780.00

The Magnolia State of Mind magazine is produced by the Mississippi Craft Show as a companion to the August MS Craft Show. Designed to showcase our talented exhibitors it is jam-packed with stories and photos. It also serves as a directory for shoppers and is a much sought-after publication. Magnolia State of Mind has been produced most years since our second year and is a high-quality printed magazine, and an accompanying electronic copy is also viewable online. You may view previous editions here.


Clyde Muse Center at Hinds Community College, Rankin Campus
515 Country Place Parkway
Pearl, MS 39208

The Clyde Muse Center is a beautiful still-new facility offering event space conveniently located just off Interstate 20 in Pearl, Mississippi.


From I‐20 East
Exit on Airport Road and drive toward the Airport.
Take the second left at Country Place Parkway
You will see several commercial establishments and drive for approximately one mile. The Muse Center will be on the left.

From the Airport
If you are on Airport Road driving south, turn right on Country Place Parkway.
You will see several commercial establishments and drive for approximately one mile. The Muse Center will be on the left.

From Highway 80
Drive to the south toward Wynne Hall.
Take a left before you get to Wynne Hall.
Follow the roadway until you see the Muse Center.

Get the Muse Map here: http://www.musecenter.org/Assets/muse-center/MuseDirections.pdf

A number of frequently asked questions pertaining to all aspects of the show are available on the FAQ page. Most of your questions not already answered elsewhere can probably be answered there.  Please visit this link to view the FAQ’s. 
If you are having trouble registering on the site, or problems submitting the application form, contact us via email and we will assist you. If you are accessing the site on a mobile device please try again on a computer first as some mobile devices can cause issues.

If you are an exhibitor with questions about the Show please check the FAQ section and Show Rules pages first.  If you have further questions please email for assistance and we will do our best to help you.

If you are a shopper with questions, check the Show Info page. If your question is not answered there please email and we will be glad to assist you.

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