Charity Nomination

If you would like to nominate a charity for our consideration to benefit from a future show, please complete the submission form below. To be eligible for nomination the organization must operate within, and benefit the state of Mississippi. Charities that are privately funded, registered 501(c)3 organizations in good standing with the state of Mississippi are eligible.
  • Your Nomination

    Anyone may submit a nomination. However to ensure this is a fair system nominations will not be accepted anonymously or from fake names and accounts. In order for your nomination to be accepted you must provide your name, email address, and phone number to verify your nomination is legitimate. This information will not be used for other purposes. You may nominate a charity for future consideration using the form below. NOTE: This is not a popularity contest, multiple nominations for the same charity are not required.
  • Charity You Wish To Nominate

    We need to learn about the charity you believe is worthy of a donation in order to consider them. Please provide as much information as possible - including contact details and website links.
  • If the charity has a website please provide the link here. Links must be properly formatted beginning with http://
  • If the charity has a Facebook page please provide the link here. Links must be properly formatted beginning with http://
  • We want to hear YOUR thoughts.

    We will not consider nominations that simply copy and paste information from the charity website, etc. We want to learn about the charity and why you support them in your own words.
  • Please explain why are you nominating. What does this charity do for the community in your view? How does this charity impact the local community? What is it that they do? Any personal experiences you have had with this charity.